Dad said if this gets 600,000 notes I can get a American Eskimo Puppy like this one


I always wanted a dog. Please he doesn’t think its possible even though the chicken thing happened  He has money saved and is more than willing if it happens. 

bitch were getting you a puppy ok

#we are tumblr and we like getting people pets #and that’s as productive as we get

Name: Megan/Hope

How long have you played TT: 9 years, ever since I was 4

How long have you been a Toonblr: I don’t remember, somewhere February-March 2013

Toonblr crush: Don’t have one

Closest TT/Toonblr friends: Icicle, Miss Bubbles, Bella, Coconut Rockenberry, everyone I met on Toonblr

Greatest Toontown Accomplishment: Finally getting my CEO suit

Favorite Memory: Meeting Ice in party catch and becoming friends with her; meeting Bubbles doing a bunch of buildings with her and Ice; Mine and Ice’s “friendaversery”

Sum up your experience in a TT phrase: You guys are great!

What you’ll miss most: My friends, and my childhood

Anything else you would like to add: I’m going to miss being able to spend time with all of my super close friends, and half my childhood has just disappeared, but since there’s nothing I can do about it, I’ll just have to look on the bright side. I can still contact my friends through Toonblr, and I’ve heard that there is a Toontown Rewritten. It may not be the same, but hey, what’s done is done, let’s make the most of it.